Research projects as member

International competitions

  1. FP7-Cooperation (2009- 20011) Occupational Health and Safety economics –ROWER) Health-2007- 4.2-3: Building a knowledge repository for occupational well-being economics research (ROWER)
  2. COST B 23. Oral Facial Development and Regeneration.
  3. COST FA 1206. Strigolactones: biological roles and applications
  4. FPS COST Action FP1401. A global network of nurseries as early warning system against alien tree pests (Global Warning)

National competitions

1. 94/PN2/PCCA (2012-2014) – New nanostructured prosthetic devices with improved anti-biofilm activity (AntiBioTube).

2.  PN II 3.1-0969 (2012-2014) – Innovative, multidisciplinary research to investigate the probiotic effects of new lactic acid bacteria strains and consortia (Prolab).

3. PCCA 259/2014, Bioceramic composites with local application in the antimicrobial therapy.

4. TE 372/2015. Magnetite nanoparticles functionalized  with natural compounds with modulatory effect against P. aeruginosa virulence and persistance magnetita functionalizate cu compusi naturali cu efect modulator asupra virulenței și persistenței Pseudomonas aeruginosa

5. CNCSIS 134 (2010-2013) Study of molecular mechanisms of the antimicrobial activity of some probiotic bacteria against urogenital pathogenic agents

6. CNCSIS A 1312 (2007-2009) Evaluation and monitoring of the soluble mediators implicated in the regulation of bacterial cells growth by quorum sensing mechanisms
7. Ideas 295/2007 (2007-2010) Alternative methods for demonstrating in vivo invasive potential of Shigella spp and enteroinvasive Escherichia coli strains
8. PN II- 42150 (2007 -2010) New significant aspects concerning the antibiotic resistance and virulence of bacterial strains isolated from the infectious pathology associated with cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal surgery
9. PN II 61-046 (2007-2010) Research on obtaining new classes of antimicrobial agents: synthesis, characterization, physico-chemical and biological screening of new thioureides
10. CEEX (VIASAN). 142 (2006-2008) Setting up an integrated network for the study of microbial biofilms developed on prosthetic and cellular substrates in order to improve diagnosis and treatment of biofilms associated infections
11. CNCSIS 187 (2007-2009) The role of Ps. aeruginosa bacterial pheromones in the modulation of host-bacterial cell interaction during the infectious process”
12. PN II 42095 (2007-2010) Research concerning the synthesis, physico-chemical characterization and anti-infectious activity of new compounds with tricyclic 6.7.6 structure
13. PN II 61-047 (2006-2018) Interdiaciplinary research for obtaining new antimicrobial agents, physoco-chemical charatcerization and anti-infectious activity
14. CEEX (RELANSIN) 129 (2006-2008) Novel nanostructured materials with biocompatible properties for biomedical applications
15. CNCSIS 1679 (2007-2009) Selecting and monitoring the effectiveness of ecological alternatives to combat opportunistic infections and antibiotic resistant bacteria included in biofilms.”
16. CEEX (VIASAN) (168/2006) Study of antibiotic resistance mechanisms by impermeability in Gram-negative bacteria on natural and reconstituted membranes
17. PN II 62-071 (2008-2011) Getting a topic phytoproduct efficient in stimulating the healing of skin lesions”
18. PN II 71-010/ (2007-2010) Biodegradability study of some composite materials with applications in cars industry
19. CNCSIS 1679 (2007-2009) Selecting and monitoring the effectiveness of ecological alternatives to combat opportunistic infections and antibiotic resistant bacteria included in biofilms.”
20. CEEX (RELANSIN) 199 (2006-2008) Control of human and bacterial cells interaction with nanostructured surfaces to obtain intelligent biosurfaces
21. VIASAN 475- (2004-2006) In vitro study of the bacterial lectins role in the evolution of infectious process and their role in the infraspecific typing”
22. BIOTECH-292- (2004-2006) “Setting up a standardized microbial collection laboratory”

23. CEEX_86/2006- (2006-2008) Application of accelerated electron beam for the microbial decontamination of nutritive supplements of vegetal origin
24. CEEX_85 (2006-2008) Interdisciplinary research for obtaining new antimicrobial agents, physico-chemical characterization and antimicrobial activity
25. CERES. 4 – 128 (2004-2006) Bioactive species processed as infectious agents inhibitors
23. MATNANTECH 204 (403) (2004 -2006) Complex nanospecies, biomaterials with anti-infectious action
26. VIASAN 224 (2003-2005) – Pilot program for the surveillance of antibiotic resistance.
27. AGRAL 212 (2003-2005) Biotechnological evaluation and demonstration of some ecologic alternatives with potential applications in monogastric animals growing
28. VIASAN 239 (2004-2006) Virulence and pathogenicity of Aeromonas sp. strains with different sources of isolation
29. VIASAN 443 (2004-2006) Local immunisation methods for the management of periodontal disease
30. VIASAN 065/(2001-2003) – Genotypic and Phenotypic characterization of Vibrio cholerae strains isolated in Rep. Moldovia during 1995-2000.

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